Zachary Daigle is a photographer who believes that every object has a story to tell, and he is passionate about bringing those stories to life through his work. With his innovative use of drones and advanced photography techniques, Zachary has the freedom to explore and express what truly matters - you.

Zachary Daigle, a dedicated photographer, sees more than just objects; he sees narratives waiting to be unveiled. His fervor lies in unraveling these stories through his lens, a passion that permeates every frame he captures. Armed with drones and a repertoire of advanced techniques, Zachary's photography transcends mere imagery - it's an intimate portrayal of what truly matters: you.

At ZEAD Photography, Zachary is on a mission to encapsulate life's beauty through his camera's eye. His drive emanates from a desire to craft images that resonate deeply, stirring emotions and sparking imaginations. Specializing in drone photography, Zachary crafts stunning, unconventional shots that leave an indelible mark. Whether it's a breathtaking aerial view or a poignant portrait, Zachary lends his expertise to help you narrate your story.

Zachary's affinity for adventure and meticulous attention to detail have been constants in his journey. Raised on the rugged shores of Canada's east coast, he found solace in the ocean's embrace, capturing nature's myriad tales. From capturing celestial wonders to documenting towering cliffs, Zachary's lens has witnessed it all. His stint as a military police officer further enriched his storytelling prowess, delving into the lives of service members and their families. From policing to photography, Zachary's ability to seize the essence of a moment remains unwavering.


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