Fun Facts About Me    

I love black coffee   

I have two cats named Abu and Atchoo and a dog named Gus

I served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 12 years 

I have black belt in Kyokushin Karate 

I love sushi and curry chicken but not together 

I love travelling and seeing and experiencing new cultures 

I like hiking but I fall on flat surfaces 

Zachary Daigle is a photographer who believes that every object has a story to tell, and he is passionate about bringing those stories to life through his work. With his innovative use of drones and advanced photography techniques, Zachary has the freedom to explore and express what truly matters - you.

At ZEAD Photography, Zachary is dedicated to capturing the beauty of life through the lens of a camera. He is driven by a passion for creating captivating images that tell stories and evoke emotion, and he specialize in using drones to provide unique, creative shots that are sure to make an impact. Whether you need a stunning aerial shot or a powerful portrait, Zachary is here to help you tell your story.

Zachary's love for adventure and attention to detail have been evident throughout his life. Growing up on the east coast of Canada, he was drawn to the ocean and spent much of his career capturing nature's story. He began his photography journey by capturing the stars and the milky way, and has since captured drone video of the vast cliffs of Five Islands. Zachary's sense of adventure allowed him to travel the world as a military police member, where he documented the stories of Canadian Armed forces members and their families through his investigations. His ability to capture the essence of a moment has served him well both in policing and in photography.

Zachary's passion for photography started at a young age, and he has been capturing his adventures ever since. He has photographed the bustling streets of Thailand, the depths of the Red Sea, and everything in between. His photography always has a common vision - to bring the viewer on the adventure with him. Zachary's formal education in Justice Studies at Royal Roads University and in photography at Nova Scotia Community College has helped him hone his craft and develop a versatile approach to his photography. He emphasizes the importance of the story in his work, and uses his passion for the art of photography to interpret the message in each photo and share it with the audience.

Zachary's portfolio of work includes portraiture, astrophotography, drone aerial shots, and environmental portraiture. He also combines a series of different photos to emphasize and tell a story to the viewer. With a focus on lighting, composition, human emotion, and colour, Zachary's photography captures the essence of each moment and tells a unique story that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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